If You Blow on Your Thumb, Here’s The Effect it Will Have on Your Body

Human bodies are a real mystery, and scientists still have questions about some of the vital functions. Did you know that sore joints can actually accelerate the healing of other ailments? The same goes the other way around. When it comes to treating a sore throat, you can use a few simple tricks and relieve your condition. The same applies to clearing a stuffy nose. The stimulation of some spots and a few handy tricks can help you treat the most common ailments, reduce stress, and relieve pain.

1. Soothe a scratchy throat

Hot tea is always a pleasant solution, and saline solution will provide a temporary relief. But, how can you stop the tickling sensation in your throat. It seems like the itch won’t stop. Scott Schaffer, M.D., President of an ear, nose, and throat specialty center, revealed the most efficient trick when it comes to relieving scratchy throat. Schaffer explained the trick in his interview for Men’s Health.

Dr. Schaffer believes that scratching your ear can provide the best results!

“When the nerves in the ear are stimulated, it creates a reflex in the throat that can cause a muscle spasm. This spasm relieves the tickle,” said Dr. Schaffer. This is a nice trick to use in cases of common cold and flu.

2. “Chill” your nerves

Our handy trick will help you cope with a stressful situation. Just splash some ice-cold water right in your face, and hold your breath. The icy water turns on the “mammalian diving reflex.” In this way the body is able to use oxygen better, and the stress will soon disappear. There is a strong connection between icy water and stress relief, and it has been revealed years ago. If you don’t like the splashing part, just drink a glass of water, as it provides a similar effect. Yes, your mascara is safe. For now.

3. Deal with the needle fear

Try to think of something else. Needles aren’t that scary. If you can’t focus on anything else, just cough. A short cough will do the trick, and you won’t be thinking about the nurse that’s on her way with the nasty needle. This is an amazing trick, but share it with the nurse to prevent any unwanted complications.

4. Clear stuffy nose

Stuffy sinuses are uncomfortable to the max. But, you can your nasal passages in not time. Just press your tongue against the upper palate, and press your index fingers against the eyebrows. The stimulation of the vomer bone will start off a back and forth motion, and loosen mucus buildups. Take a deep breath, and hold it for 20 seconds. Bye, bye, phlegm!

5. Prevent burn scars

Ice packs are definitely not the smartest option. Just press the burnt skin area using your fingers. This will prevent any blistering, because the pressure delays the restoring of the temperature in that part. The tiniest tricks always work better, plus you won’t be left with any scars later.

6. Instant toothache relief

This trick works best for sensitive teeth. Massage the area between your index finger and thumb with an ice pack. There’re many nerve endings in this area, and each of these carries pain signals from your face and hands to the brain. Can you guess the trick? The ice will block the signals.

7. Deal with nervousness

Just blow your thumb. You may find it hard to believe, but blowing your thumb can actually help you settle those butterflies. This trick will regulate your breathing, and tame the vagus nerve. Your heart will beat slowly, and the butterflies will disappear.

8. Relieve migraine within a few seconds

Stay away from painkillers. Our trick will help you relieve migraine almost instantly.

Massage the area between your thumb and index finger with your other hand for 2 minutes. Switch hands, and massage again. This is an ancient technique that stimulates the flow of blood in your head and neck, and thus frees the Ki, or blocked energy, if you prefer it better. We’ll give you some more handy tips on how to relieve migraine. The video below offers more information on this one.

Our simple tricks will help you deal with unpleasant ailments. Use them to heal and treat any condition.

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