Are you taking proper care of the beauty products that you are using? We know this is very difficult task to do, but don’t worry because we have techniques and tricks that will help you take proper care of these products.

Here is a list of beauty tips that will help you keep your beauty products always fresh and ready for use:

  1. Mascara

In order to refresh your mascara that has already dried you will need to add few drops of lukewarm water to the tube and shake it. Make sure you close it before you shake it. Also you could try and put 2 drops of almond or castor oil. These tricks will make your mascara as new. Another important thing to do before you use your mascara is to check the date of expiration.

  1. Yellow nails

If you are having yellow nails you could easily whiten them by soaking the nails in fresh lemon juice. Next you will need to use ½ lemon and rub it from your nails. Another way is by rubbing your nails with toothbrush that has been coated with baking soda. Make sure that you rinse it with lukewarm water afterwards. The results will amaze you!

  1. Expiry date

There are several companies that use symbols that supposed to indicate the expiration date of the product. It is best to use a marker pencil in order to indicate the opening date of the product in order not to forget it. Usually beauty products have expiration date between 6 and 24 months.

  1. Repair a broken nail

If you by any chance break your nail don’t panic. You should take small piece of tea bag which needs to be cut out in order to be able to cover the broken part of the nail. Afterwards you should apply clear vanish and place the small piece of the sachet. This way you will manage to glue the nail under the membrane.

  1. Cleaning the hair brush

In order to clean the hair brush you will need to mix baking soda and warm water where you will soak the brush. Leave it overnight and in the morning rinse it with water. Also you could use white vinegar which is extremely effective in these situations.

  1. Reducing the gloss of a lipstick

If you have a new lipstick that actually is too bright, you could actually reduce the gloss of it. In order to do so you will need to apply a bit of blush of the same color on the lips and afterwards apply the lip stick.

  1. Protect your make-up

If you are traveling and you want to avoid damaging your make-up you should add a ball of cotton pad to the containers in order to cover the surface. This way you will prevent damage or breakage of the beauty products that you will be carrying.

  1. Washing your brushes

Most probably you are using brushes in order to apply the blush or eyeshadow, and very often you don’t have the time to clean them, or you might not have the money to buy new ones. There is a trick that will help you clean your brushes. You should take a plastic plate and put the brushes with the head in it, and add shampoo. Rub the head of the brush with your fingers and afterwards wash it off.

  1. Soft skin after shaving

Shaving your legs might damage the skin, but if you use this effective technique you will manage to soften the skin and avoid this damage. You should apply baby oil on the area where you shaved and the skin will be soft.

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