A Man Mixes Vinegar And Alcohol And Puts In His Ear, Something Surprising Happens?

Dr. David hill was a host to a YouTube Channel named Ehowhalth and was there to explain a couple of eye-opening pointers. According to him, ear wax performs two functions, the first one is to act as a physical barrier to prevent dust and particles, and the second one is to act as a chemical barrier.

The skin inside the ear is highly delicate and works like a conveyor belt that takes the excessive wax out of the ear. He warns people not to use ear cleaning sticks as it pushes the wax deep inside the ear. This is not needed.

There is one amazing advice he gives and that is mixing alcohol and vinegar and then add some drops in the ear in order to clean the wax.

This procedure should be performed by a doctor.

Watch the video.

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