I am 74 Years Old and Could Not Even Walk! Then I Started To Prepare This and My Joints and Bones Are 20 Years Younger! Now, I Can Walk and Even Run! This…

People nowadays experience various problems, but some of the most common ones include pain in theirjoints and bone pain, sensibility or muscular pains. They are especially presentamong middle aged or elderly people.

Still, young people should be worried if they start to experience this type of pain and they should take care about the health of their bones.

Numerous changes appear in our body as we age. The muscular size and the bone thickness generally diminish because you become less active, so you become more inclined to injuries and bone breakage, as well as joint and bone pains.

That’s why in this article, we’ve decided to show you a very popular recipe that will do wonders for the health of your bones, especially if you take it regularly.

This recipe is an ancient one and it was used by many people. It only consists of three ingredients and you’ll be able to prepare it extremely easy and it is also very cheap.

Treat your joints and bones, as well as for back pains and heaviness in the feet!

You need:

  • 300ml of alcohol (70 %)
  • 100ml of iodine
  • 10 pills of aspirin of 300 mg

All of these ingredients are easily accessible and can be bought in your local pharmacy. The iodineis full of numerous strong antiseptic properties and is very beneficial against a wide variety of pathogenic forms of life, including microscopic organisms, protozoans, infections, fungi or bacteria.


  • Mix thealcohol and the iodine.
  • Crush the tablets and add them in the mixture.
  • Leave it to rest for 21 days in a cold and dark place.
  • Use this preparation like compress or just massage the areas where you feel pain.
  • The results will simply amaze you! You’ll soon discover that the pain in your joints and bones has started to disappear and that this remedy is extremely effective!

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