7 Expert-Approved Tips To Make Your Baby Smarter In The Womb

Proper diet and light exercises must be a part of each pregnant woman’s life. Moreover, there are other things which can contribute to the mental and physical health of the baby. The best time for starting the cognitive development of the baby are the last weeks of pregnancy. Every pregnant woman should include the following tips which have been approved by the experts in their schedule to give birth to smart and healthy babies.

Continue touching your baby bump after regular intervals – fetuses react more to the mother touching their stomach rather than listening to their voice.

Speak while touching the stomach – in this way the fetuses show more arm, head, as well as mouth movement.

Regularly rub the belly – there was an experiment done where 1/3 of the pregnant women rubbed their stomach, 1/3 talked to the baby, and the other 1/3 kept their arms at the sides. The healthiest responses according to sonography showed the healthiest responses of fetuses from the first group of pregnant women, whose who rubbed their belly.

Babies learn language skills from their mother’s womb – children learn language skills in the womb wen their parents talk with them.

The mother should read or speak to the baby in different languages – these babies developed the auditory fitness necessary to shape their brains for hearing and development of language. Thus, you should read or talk to your baby in different languages. It is known that babies can hear their mothers and recognize their voice when they are in the utero.

Fetuses absorb maximum information during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy – the newborns can recognize their mother’s language over a foreign language, thus it is important to have a conversation with the baby regularly.

Interaction makes the baby more active in the womb – the babies are listening, learning, and remembering the last stages of pregnancy and their brains do not wait for birth in order to start absorbing information.

If you follow these tips you will make your baby healthier and smarter.

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