6 Ways To Make Sure Your Vagina Never Smells

Women worry about how they look, and even how they smell and that means that most of them have a proper hygiene. But how many do really have a proper hygiene for their vaginas? If the vagina is healthy then it will give a healthy birth, but apart from that, healthy vagina is important for the overall women’s health. When women suffer from vaginal yeast infection, that results most of the times in vaginal odor and that is making feel the woman embarrassed. But it is important to always find the root of the problem, because in some cases vaginal odor can be due to something else. Last but not least, vaginal odor can affect the woman’s sex life. There are many factors that can cause vaginal odor, but it can be treated with natural remedies, and this article will show you some of them, but first let us explain what vaginal odor actually is, and where does it come from. Vaginal odor is any odor that originates from the vagina and it is normal to have a slight odor, but if the odor has strong vaginal smell like fishy vaginal odor, it can be a sign of a bigger issue and you should visit your doctor. Vaginal odor can cause irritation, itching and burning. And like we mentioned there are natural remedies that can help you in this case.

Top 10 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor 

  1. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

If you want to keep your health in a good condition and to prevent almost any health problems, then you should add more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. That is the same for getting rid of vaginal odor. If you suffer from vaginal dryness then try to consume more leafy greens. Eat collards, kale, cabbage, spinach, Swiss chard, salad and other leafy greens. Vitamin B6 and potassium will stimulate the vaginal health and they will reduce the risk of infection and bacterial growth, and that is why you should consume avocados.

  1. Water

The key for a healthier life besides fresh fruits and veggies is also water. The vaginal membrane in order to function properly, needs to be well-hydrated and that is why you should drink big amounts of water. What will aids in diminishing vaginal smells is the natural lubrication to your vagina, and that can be achieved with water.

  1. Neem Bark Extract

What will help you to get rid of vaginal odor are the antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties contained in neem bark.

  1. Nuts and Seeds

Vitamin E is of a great use when it comes to vaginal odor, because it will prevent vaginal dryness. The best sources of this vitamin are seeds and nuts, so make sure you add them into your diet. Walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and almonds are rich in zinc, and they will reduce itching and other symptoms of dryness that may be the cause of vaginal odor. Also they will regulate the menstrual cycle.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties and that is what makes it so good against vaginal odor. Just drink a glass of water mixed with a one or two tablespoons of ACV every day, or you can take a bath with ACV.

  1. Baking Soda

What will dissipate the problem with vaginal odor is balanced pH levels, and that can be achieved with baking soda. Into your bathwater, you should add half a cup of baking soda and soak it for 15-20 minutes. Before putting on your clothing, make sure your body is thoroughly dry. Also do not allow moisture to sit in any folds or the groin area of the body.

  1. White Vinegar and Sea Salt

Apple cider vinegar made everyone forget that white vinegar is healthy too. In lukewarm bath water add half cup sea salt and white vinegar, and bath as many times as you can in a week. That way you will restore the pH levels in the vagina and the vaginal odor will be gone.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Another great antiseptic with antifungal properties that can help you to prevent vaginal odor. On a cotton pad add a few drops of the oil combined with water and witch hazel and apply it to the effected are every day. Remember to dilute with water always.

  1. Probiotics

Besides the fact that probiotics can keep the gut healthy, they can solve the problem with vaginal odor too. Kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, miso and kefir will do the trick.

  1. Garlic

Known as the natural antibiotic, it contains antifungal and antimicrobial properties, making it one of the best remedies in the treatment with vaginal odor. You will get rid of the infection in no time and with that the vaginal odor will be gone. Just eat on an empty stomach one or two raw garlic cloves and drink a glass of warm water.

Here are 6 ways that can help you with providing a good smell for your vagina:

  1. Lose weight if necessary

It is a fact that extra weight is causing extra sweating, so the vaginal area is not speared. That means that that extra sweating can cause vaginal odor. What can make a big difference in how much sweat you produce is choosing the healthy lifestyle of clean eating and regular exercise.

  1. Avoid certain foods

There are foods that can increase inflammation and bacterial growth because they affect the pH of the body. Avoiding some of the following foods will help you with the treatment of vaginal odor as well as obtaining better health: sugar, wheat products, alcohol, and processed foods. Replace them with fresh veggies and fruits.

  1. Avoid the Douche

Douche products contain chemicals that can cause trouble in our bodies, so try to avoid them. Let your body finish its work, because they were designed for it. The healthy bacteria that helps to prevent infection is removed when you douche.

  1. Wear loose clothing and cotton underwear

What can cause moisture buildup is wearing tight clothing because it can restrict airflow. And loose clothing and cotton underwear increase the airflow to your groin and that is why they are good in this case. Also try to change your underwear every 12 hours because that can be of a great help too.

  1. Change your clothes after exercising

What is a breeding ground for bacteria is wearing sweaty clothes. Also, before putting on new clothes, wash your groin area and dry it.

  1. Don’t fall for the feminine sprays

There are many chemicals contained in these sprays. Those chemicals are easily absorbed by our skin and they can cause many troubles. What can cause even bigger problems is that those chemicals are headed right into the bloodstream. Just leave your vagina to cleanse itself.

Vaginal Odor Causes

If you have vaginal odor and you don’t have either of the symptoms that we already mentioned, then your vaginal odor may be abnormal.

  1. Hormonal changes

What the University of California at Berkeley reported is that during menstruation and between ovulation and your next period the vaginal secretions may have more unpleasant odor than during other parts of the cycle. And also because of the reduced estrogen levels during menopause, the vaginal tissue becomes less acidic, and women then notice smelly, watery vaginal discharge.

  1. Poor hygiene and sweating

What can produce the embarrassing smell is a sweaty groin area, and that is why it is not something surprising that poor hygiene is a cause of vaginal odor. People that are overweight or people that wear tight clothing can have a bigger problem because this people are sweating more.

  1. Retained or forgotten tampon

What can lead to irritation, itching and strong unpleasant smell is a buildup of menstrual blood and bacteria. In this case you should visit a gynecologist to safely remove the tampon and to treat the infection.

  1. Bacterial Vaginosis

The major cause of vaginal odor is bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is an overgrowth of normally occurring vaginal bacteria. Women who are in their reproductive years are the ones that are most exposed to this. The most common symptom is a ‘’fishy’’ odor.

  1. Trichomoniasis

This infection is sexually transmitted. It is the most common non-viral STD in the world. What causes trichomoniasis is a parasite that can cause a foul-swelling vaginal discharge, genital itching and painful urination. Men can get this infection too, but they have no symptoms. If this infection affects a pregnant woman, she is at higher risk of delivering her baby prematurely. To reduce the risk of this infection, use condoms correctly every time you have sex. In case you experience trichomoniasis infection, you and your partner should be treated.

  1. Food

Vaginal odor can be caused by numerous foods. What can affect your vaginal odor is what you ate for dinner. Foods that have the most impact are onion, garlic, pepper, cabbage, blue cheese, fish, broccoli and asparagus. Eliminating that food can help you to see if they were the cause of the vaginal odor. Be careful with using some of the home remedies, especially when using essential oils and when you are pregnant, breast-feeding or taking medications. Visit a doctor just to be sure that you are not dealing with more serious disease, because vaginal odor can be a sign of cervical or vaginal cancer.

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