5 Reasons Why You Should Pee In the Shower

Peeing in the show is not something that is openly discussed with anybody. Actually peeing at all is a strange subject to read in an article, so you are probably watching over your shoulder in order to avoid embarrassment.

No worries, since this is a normal topic to talk about especially when you hear how much good it can do. Surprising, very surprising. You probably think this is very disgusting but read on if you want to know the good things about peeing in the shower.

1. Everybody Is Doing It

Out of 1.000 women that were questions, 75% of them actually peed in the shower. So if you have done it and feel guilty and grouse don’t worry since the number of people who have done it is big.

2. Your Bathroom Will Stay Cleaner

If you pee in the shower you will no longer have problems with pee splash all over the toiler rim and toilet seat. This way you will have to spend less time cleaning you bathroom.

3. It Will Take Care Of Foot Fungus

Pee contains ammonia and uric acid which can be beneficial in getting rid of foot fungus. The pee is sterile and it is already a great cure for athlete’s disease and other infections. You can keep you feet fungus free!

4. It Feels Rebellious

Every once in a while people like to go rogue and forget about rules. Who says that the only place to pee in is the toilet. Just for a few seconds you will feel free and like a rebel.

5. It Is Good For The Environment

Toilets use a lot of gallons of water when you flush, include a courtesy flush once in a while and you waste a lot of water during the day. You can save a lot of water by peeing in the shower and also lower your electrical bill. It is basically a win-win since you save the environment and you cut a little slack for yourself too.

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