32 Signs You Immediately Need More Magnesium (and how to get it)

Magnesium deficiency can cause more trouble than you’ll ever imagine. The American diet is dangerously unhealthy, and statistics show terrifying results. Our eating habits are killing us. Every deficiency is bad in its own way, but the lack of magnesium causes the worst symptoms. This mineral is hardly obtained through food. This is terrible, because our body needs it to carry its functions.

Why aren’t you getting enough magnesium?

People in the past had the privilege to get magnesium through their food. But, the soil has changed, and it contains almost no magnesium. Erosion and farming destroyed the soil, which is why your food lacks it. The other reason involves your love for unhealthy, processed food. How often do you eat beans, seeds, mackerel, nuts, and dark leafy green veggies? Eat these more often to boost your magnesium levels.

Check the most common symptoms of magnesium deficiency:

2. Asthma
3. Blood clots
4. Bowel disease
5. Calcium deficiency
6. Confusion
7. Constipation
8. Cystitis
9. Depression
10. Difficulty swallowing
11. Dizziness
12. Fatigue
13.  Fertility/childbearing issues (these include trouble conceiving, preeclampsia, preterm labor)
14.  High blood pressure
15.  Heart issues
16.  Hypertension
17.  Hypoglycemia
18.  Insomnia
19.  Liver and kidney disease
20.  Memory loss
21.  Migraines
22.  Muscle cramps
23.  Nausea
24.  Osteoporosis
25.  Personality changes (These often mimic the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders)
26.  Potassium deficiency symptoms like extreme thirst, fluid retention, and irritability
27.  Raynaud’s syndrome symptoms like cold fingers or toes, color changes in skin due to temperature changes, and numbness in extremities
28.  Respiratory difficulties
29.  Seizures
30.  Tooth decay
31.  Tremors
32.  Type II diabetes

Increase your magnesium level

Magnesium plays an important role in your metabolism. It takes part in over 300 processes and reactions. This means that lacking it will make you deal with severe ailments. Eat more foods rich in magnesium. We have you a few suggestions. Consider supplementing, and make sure you pick a good supplement. You don’t need a product that is packed with useless fillers.

Pick a supplement that contains iodine, biotin, zinc, chromium, vitamin B1, and vitamin A.

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