Digestive problems such as IBS, chronic constipation or leaky gut syndrome are becoming more and more common nowadays. The colon is one of the most important organs in the body – it is responsible for processing and removing waste material from the body which may endanger our health. However, sometimes the colon doesn’t work properly, which result in an accumulation of toxins in the body and further health problems. In order to restore its functionality and clean toxins from your body, we’re going to show you how to prepare a simple homemade drink that provides incredible results.

The drink contains natural ingredients rich in special compounds which will clean your colon quickly. It has no side-effects other than going to the bathroom more frequently, so make sure to do it over the weekend when you can stay at home.

According to many doctors, eating only 1 apple a day can reduce the need for prescription drugs, while consuming ginger will boost the function of your colon and reduce digestive problems such as bloating. Lemons contain a lot of vitamin C which is an excellent antioxidant that will detoxify your organs, while sea salt will help waste move throughout your body and eliminate toxins.

Here’s how to prepare the remedy:


½ a cup of purified water

½ a cup of fresh apple juice

½ a teaspoon of sea salt

2 tablespoons of freshly squeeze lemon juice

1 teaspoon of ginger juice


Warm up the water in a pot, but don’t let it boil, then pour it into a cup and add the sea salt, stirring well until it dissolves. Next, add the ginger, apple and lemon juice and stir again well, then drink the remedy fresh.

At the beginning, drink the remedy 3 times a day (in the morning before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner), and make sure to drink a lot of water during the treatment (a minimum of 8 glasses a day). It’s best to drink water from the morning to mid-afternoon to prevent frequent urination overnight. The remedy is completely safe to use, but you should consult with a doctor first if you’re suffering from allergies, pregnancy or some disease that requires prescription drugs. Diabetes patients should also avoid it as the apple juice is rich in sugar.

Perform the colon cleansing method every day for a week to boost your digestion, accelerate your metabolism and clean your body of toxins completely.

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