Unfortunately, the modern busy lives we lead have brought numerous hazards with them. We all suffer from some disease, headache, we experience different types of pain, so we take numerous medicines just to help us feel better. Our liver is the one that really suffers in these cases. We overload it with numerous harmful matters and poisonous substances. When we’re in this state, our body urgently needs detoxification so that we can restore the proper function of its organs.

Numerous different toxins retain in our liver. If we want to keep our liver in the best possible state, it’s extremely important to remove these toxins and harmful matters with some methods, preferably natural.

What also burdens our liver are numerous harmful influences like unhealthy diet, stress, alcohol, smoking, a large amount of drugs etc. These toxins make it incapable to perform its regular physiological functions, such as regulation of digestion, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels, protein production and neutralization of toxic substances.

The liver can compensate for the impact of these harmful substances, but after a while, its function can be impaired.

What we must know is how to recognize some of the most important and most common symptoms that urge us to make the necessary liver detoxification. Here are the 10 most common symptoms which indicate when something is wrong with our liver:

  1. frequent nausea
  2. bright and pale stool
  3. bitter taste in the mouth after eating
  4. bile attack
  5. hemorrhoids or varicose veins
  6. pain in the stomach after taking fatty foods
  7. pain above the eyes
  8. chronic fatigue
  9. pain under the shoulder blades
  10. shiny chair

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