One of the most sensitive areas of our body is the facial skin. We have to take proper care of it and be very careful about what we use to preserve it healthy. There are numerous methods and products for facial cleansing on the market, but some of them are full of harmful chemicals and some aren’t effective at all.

Here, we’re going to present you 10 products that you should never apply on your facial skin.


Lemon is abundant in acid. This acid can cause permanent skin damage, but it can also change the natural pH of the acid mantle as well as cause sun sensitivity, skin irritation and hyperpigmentation.


Women think that applying hairspray on their face after applying makeup, it will make it last longer. But, still, make sure you avoid this. Hairspray is full of alcohol that can damage the skin as well as the eyes. Your facial skin will become sticky and flaky. It is hairspray after all!


Numerous people apply toothpaste on acne because they think they’ll dry quicker. That’s true, but the whole healthy moisture of that skin area will be destroyed. The skin may also be burned and left with dark patches. Make sure you try safer alternatives like benzoyl peroxideortea tree oil.

Petroleum jelly

Don’t use petroleum jelly as a skin moisturizer for a longer period of time. The skin will feel soft after the first few applications of petroleum jelly, but long-term use will cause dryness because of both the moisture as well as the debris under the skin.

Hot water

Warm or hot water is great for opening the pores. Dirt will enter and cause infectionsandinflammations. The best type of water to use would be lukewarm water. You should also avoid spending too much time showering, especially in the winter period. Our skin is then more prone to dryness and itchiness.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can lead to burns and blisters because of oxidative stress and you should never use it as a cleaning agent for your facial skin.

Body lotion

Make sure you never cleanse your face with body lotion. It’s for your body and not your face. Our facial skin is different from the skin on our whole body. It needs different cleaning methods.

Rubbing alcohol

You can rub alcohol for disinfection of minor wounds. If you use it on your face, it may lead to inflammation and infection.

Baking soda

Baking soda is definitely not a good skin cleaning agent. It is an alkaline ingredient which destroys the acid mantle of the skin and it protects our skin from damage, pollution, and bacteria. It also removes the oil and moisture from the skin, and our skin becomes more sensitive to sun exposure.


Sugar is another thing that can damage the skin and dehydrate it. It can be used as a scrubbing agent but on your body and not on your face.

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