These Are 10 Secrets Uses Of Baby Powder That A Lot Of People Didn’t Know

This potent self-grooming tool for everyone is rich in properties of hygienic enhancement for a less oily and fresher face.

Baby powder is one of the safest and greatest ingredients which can do wonders to your body.

Here Is A List Of The 10 Beneficial Uses Of Baby Powder

  1. Grease stain remover

Sprinkle some baby powder on the affected part of the body and rub it with cotton whenever you want to get rid of the stains that were caused by grease.

  1. Flower protectant

Protect your plants by scattering some powder onto the roots and bulbs before planting. This technique will prevent your flowers from rooting and it also presents extremely effective all natural pesticide.

  1. Rubber glove lubricant

Sprinkle this powerful ingredient on your hands in order to make putting on rubber gloves easier.

  1. Playing cards freshener

Stick your cards in a plastic bag with some powder, Shake it well and then eliminate. The smooth will be smooth to touch and you will not feel horribly dingy when you will play cards.

  1. Summer sheets coolant

Maintain your sheets fresh all throughout the night by scattering some powder on your sheets. This technique will help you in absorbing sweat.

  1. Sand remover

You should simply sprinkle some powder on the sandy areas (feet) in order to prevent the beach sand from coming home with you.

  1. Jewelry de-tangler

Make it a lot easier to loosen and untangle by scattering some baby powder on the knot.

  1. Dry shampoo

Cleanse your greasy hair by combining ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of baby powder. Massage your hair with this mixture and let it act for a few minutes.

  1. It can be used as deodorant

Due to its moisturizing properties, this amazing ingredient absorbs sweat and odor.

  1. Natural repellant

Create barriers around your door and windows by sprinkling some baby powder.

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