Do This For 10 Minutes Before Going to Bed & Change Your Skin Complexion Overnight

Today I am going to share a DIY face mask. For this you will need just 2 ingredients

Yogurt & Fuller’s earth

Fuller’s earth has oil-absorbing, cleansing and antiseptic properties that make it very helpful in treating various hair and skin conditions.

The lactic acid in yogurt will help dissolve dead skin and tighten pores.

Steps to follow

Take 1 tea spoon of yogurt
Add little bit of fuller;s earth powder
With help of make up brush apply this all over your clean face and leave it for 10 minutes
Wash your skin with plain water

It is best to do this exercise before going to bed

After washing this apply a thin layer of aloe vera all over your face and you are ready to go to bed. If you have vitamin E capsule, you can also add few drops of vitamin E oil with aloe vera gel.

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